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Health Benefits

Never before have people been so concerned and interested in their personal health and that of their families. Vibration Exercise machines have proven to be a favorite tool of this demographic for muscle building and weight-loss, just to mention a few. Across the  world you can easily find whole body vibration machines in leading gyms proving their success in weight loss and health.

Vibration exercise equipment is very effective in fighting and prevention many diseases related to ageing people. Many of these common diseases that are prevalent in the baby boomer generation can be treated with this vibrating equipment. Research has shown that there are many benefits beyond this such as a dramatic reduction in falls in the elderly, in fact as much as 80% in 8 weeks.

Bone loss and osteoporosis are at epidemic levels in the USA and prevention should be high on everyone’s list of priorities. Whole body vibration machines have been proven to be one of the vest treatments for these afflictions even better than medications or regular exercise.

Here are some of the major benefits for older people:

  1. Ideal source for anyone suffering from obesity or simply over-weight.
  2. Medical studies show that older people are much more likely to lose their balance and physical strength which results in many of the problems.
  3. Vibration exercise equipment can be used even by the very fragile and has some of the best results on these people.
  4. Age related joint problems can be greatly helped with Vibration equipment. A vibration fitness machine works the entire body and system which increases proper blood circulation all over. When blood circulation is increased properly, the body’s metabolism is sped up and helps create more energy.
  5. Vibration fitness stimulates the lymphatic system which results in removing excess toxins and increases muscle mobility and flexibility.
  6. Lower back pain and general aches and pains are drastically reduced.

Many retirement homes are now owning vibration machines to keep their residents in shape and healthy. Doctors highly recommend this treatment to the ageing population along with daily walks and healthy eating. The older we get the more important our health is. It is much easier to maintain health than to try to get it back once it gone, prevention is the key to a long happy life.

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