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WeWork wants you to work nice with others and live nice with others. And now, at its new gyms, work out nice with others.

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Running long distances is not enough to prepare the leg muscles for the great demands of an endurance event like the marathon.

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Avoiding continuous dieting may be the key to losing weight and keeping the kilos off, the latest University of Tasmania research shows.

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Exercise changes the workings of new brain cells in ways that may protect against dementia, a study in mice suggests.

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The singer-songwriter says that injecting your own blood into your face really works.

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A jogging regimen altered how well people could control their impulses, a new study suggests.

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From movies to magazines, traditional media has long been criticised for perpetuating unrealistic beauty standardsmdash;thin ideals that generate low self-esteem among women and girls.nbsp;

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The physical training required for the theatrical version of “A Clockwork Orange” rivals that of professional athletes.

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With almost two in three Australian adults overweight or obese, a new CSIRO report has analysed the five main diet related personality types of more than 90,000 Australian adults to gain a comprehensive picture of why many people find it hard to mainta…

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