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Our solar panel survey polled CHOICE members about the reliability of their panels, inverters and installers.

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The cost of installing solar can be too much in one hit for some householders. Solar leasing or a solar PV power purchasing agreement could be the answer.

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If you’ve ever had trouble coming up with the funds to pay your utility bills, there are some important rights you should know about.

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Find out which of the 14 LED and CFL models scored highest for light output and endurance.

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They’ve become much cheaper to install, so payback times for solar photovoltaic (PV) systems have decreased in most states.

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Are you paying too much for your energy? If you haven’t reviewed your energy plan recently, chances are you’re paying too much.

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Energy retailers are trotting out special deals to try to lock in your business.

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Can consumers trust that validated carbon offsets are genuine, or is it still the Wild West out there?

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We run tests on another power saver that claims it will save you up to 10% on your electricity bill.

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Standby energy

Standby energy costs eat into your bank account in small bites and the total cost across the country can amount to tonnes of CO² and other greenhouse gases being emitted.

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