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Body vibration machines are growing in popularity among the American and Europeans. The doctors, therapists, gymnasiums, chiropractors and physical trainers, appreciated the vibrating machine results. They results were impressive, impelling them to use in their daily practices. The machine stimulates the muscles and helps in blood circulation keeping the body fit and energetic. The whole […]

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Whole body vibration (sometimes called WBV) was discovered by Russian  scientist Vladimir Nazarov, who tested vibration on cosmonauts to decrease the loss of muscle and bone mass while in space. Cosmonauts (and astronauts) in space lose their muscular strength very quickly, because there is no gravitational force in space, muscles and bones are not loaded […]

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About Vibration Exercise

Vibration exercise is the fastest growing fitness sector in the USA and is used by pro athletes and medical professionals worldwide. The more you learn about vibration fitness the more you will understand the power of this health and fitness program. Get in shape, lose weight and feel fantastic. So simple but it works!

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