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Your bank may still hit you with a foreign transaction fee for purchases made on a website in Australian dollars.

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BitTorrent is a file sharing system used to distribute files from person to person on the internet. It has a bad name because it’s used to share pirated movies and TV shows, but there’s plenty of legal content to find using BitTorrent.

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One of the best ways to protect your privacy online is to use a virtual private network (VPN). We tested 12 of the most popular VPN services to see how they compare for ease of use, performance and features.

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Make your Christmas gift a gadget with this selection of the latest top tech toys and tools.

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Online dating scams, bogus tech support phone calls and internet schemes that take advantage of people’s goodwill continue to find new victims.

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This do-everything ADSL modem-router with built-in phone system has all the bells and whistles for a home user or small business.

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Make your Father’s Day gift a gadget that says ‘thanks, Dad’ without the predictable socks, hankies or chocolate almonds.

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The user interfaces on some websites are deliberately designed to mislead consumers. CHOICE exposes some of the tricks.

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We test and compare 11 cloud-based backup services.

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Professional hacker Jonathan Brossard outlines the latest targets for cyber criminals, upcoming threats and how you can reduce your risk of attack.

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