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A charity needs to get its funding from somewhere, including private companies and organisations. But are marketing campaigns where brands align with charities a win for all parties involved?

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Corporate sponsorship is an increasingly common source of revenue for health-related organisations. We look at how corporate sponsors can exert their influence.

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Unrealistic and inconsistent serving sizes in food and drinks create confusion for consumers and are a source of frustration for those watching their waistlines.

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Precautionary warnings on packaged foods are confusing consumers. How real is the risk of accidental cross-contamination of potentially dangerous allergens? CHOICE investigates.

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We look at 200 products with implied health or quality claims and discover there is a fine line between healthy and hoodwinked.

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Are the big supermarkets’ sustainable fish-sourcing strategies bona fide or merely a marketing hook?

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Seductive labels on food that promise less saturated fat, no added sugar or a bumper amount of wholegrains often don’t tell the whole nutritional story.

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Our survey revealed Australian consumers are passionate about buying Aussie products, but do they understand claims about the origin of the food they are purchasing?

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Puzzle over a massive jigsaw, contemplate giant baby faces and home cooking with a chemistry set.

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Unit pricing gone mad, bottom humour and tasty pizza packaging.

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