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Toddler and junior formulas are unnecessary for healthy kids, say the experts. Are these products just a sneaky way to advertise infant formulas?

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It can be difficult to coax a toddler into eating something they don’t want to, but there may be ways to encourage them to try to enjoy a wider range of foods.

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We’ve investigated the salt content of foods marketed at children. Why do so many add unnecessary salt?

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This handy appliance can steam, blend, reheat and defrost all in the one compact unit – but is it necessary?

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CHOICE compares the nutritional panels of various products to help consumers make more informed choices about foods for their children.

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There are some strategies for the many parents who worry about their toddler’s eating habits.

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How much more do breastfeeding mothers need to eat and which foods they should focus on to stay as healthy as possible?

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Use your barbecue this summer to cook a whole chicken

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Delicious turkey schnitzel but the process can be used for chicken or pork.

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A delicious traditional or creamy scrambled eggs.

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