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Image editors can bring out the best in your happy snaps. We compare 10 programs that you can use for free.

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Choice tests manufacturers’ claims for rugged cameras. Some survive, some don’t.

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We challenge you to choose the best image taken in low-light conditions by three cameras – the results may surprise.

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In 2012 CHOICE tested 157 compact digital cameras, priced from $89 to $1099.

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Find out which high-end digital SLRs we recommend when assessed for image quality, ease of use and movie quality.

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On Day 2 of Photokina 2012, Chris Ruggles takes a look at the latest cameras from Canon and Nikon.

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We take a first look at the Lytro’s ground-breaking technology, and find out whether it’s a must-have camera.

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We check out a couple of high-tech cars, another waterproof smartphone, and robots that perform some pretty unusual tasks.

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Photo management software can bring order to digital-picture chaos.

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Printed images in an instant were the pride of Polaroid, but in this digital age, there are better ways of achieving the same result.

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