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CHOICE and voting members Nicole and Lynette and their son (Charlie, 6) and daughter (Ginger, 9) drove the BMW X3 around for a weekend of errands such as shopping and a Sunday family outing.

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With more charging stations planned for Australia, the innovative Tesla is making inroads into the local electric car market.

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We take a look at the top problems people experience when renting a car and warn you of the traps to watch out for.

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What to do if your car rental turns bad – your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

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Ever had to replace an electronic car key? The cost of a new one can come as a shock.

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The Adkins family took the new Honda Odyssey VTi-L for a test drive. Was it an epic experience, or nothing out of the ordinary?

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ANCAP aims to provide safety ratings for popular vehicle makes and models, so consumers can make informed decisions before they buy their next car.

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The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Aspire Electric SUV is the first plug-in hybrid introduced commercially in Australia. Find out whether it wowed our test drivers.

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CHOICE gives you the lowdown on the fastest-growing taxi apps before you tap the ‘book’ button.

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We’ve tested 19 apps for iPhone, Android and Windows, priced from $0-70 to guide your decision.

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